Wealthy Families & Individuals

CM Wealth Advisors: Comprehensive Wealth Management for Families & IndividualsHigh net worth families and individuals have complex needs when it comes to managing and preserving their wealth. They need objective, professional advice and sound, well-conceived investment strategies. They need to find the right balance between growing their wealth and protecting their families from undue risk. And they need a quarterback to ensure the integrity of the overall plan, including tax strategies and estate planning. With more than 100 years of combined experience,  the partners of CM Wealth Advisors are uniquely qualified to help their clients meet these needs.

Foundations & Endowments

CM Wealth Advisors: Comprehensive Wealth Management for Foundations & EndowmentsFoundations and endowments provide critical support for charitable, academic, cultural and religious causes. It is important that their investment portfolios are wisely invested to provide both growth and reliable cash flow for operations over the long term. The core growth equity model of CM Wealth Advisors was developed from a set of investment principles focused on creating real growth in wealth over complete market cycles. Protected against extreme market volatility and liquidity risks through the use of fixed income and alternative investment programs, and with portfolio risks managed through asset allocation, manager selection and investment strategy diversification, our foundation and endowment client portfolios are appropriately structured to perform under a wide range of market conditions.